10 or 12mm Eyelet Setter Kit

£75.00 inc.

Available on backorder

10mm or 12mm Hole Cutter, Eyelet Setter Kit. Complete with Die and 500 Eyelets

This eyelet punch is made from cast iron and is heavy & really robust. It is hand-operated device which punches the vinyl and sets the eyelet in one movement.

The long handle ensures plenty of leverage and pressure to punch heavy banner materials such as the Scrim Banner Vinyl Roll, The handle is foam padded for comfort and grip. The cutter has four mounting holes for securing onto a table and there is an adjustable stop screw to set the pressure to close the eyelets properly.

  • Eyelet setter
  • 10 or 12MM Cutting die
  • 500 Eyelets

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

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