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A4 Marbled Card Sample Pack

We offer 2 distinct sorts of marbled card. The first is in 215gsm and is more of a mainstream style of marbling. The second is very heavy and is a very pleasing but more subtle form of marbling.

1 Sheet A4 Marbled Blue 215gsm
1 Sheet A4 Marbled Green 215gsm
1 Sheet A4 Marbled Grey 215gsm
1 Sheet A4 Marbled Orange 215gsm
1 Sheet A4 Marbled Pink 215gsm
1 Sheet A4 Marbled Yellow 215gsm
1 Sheet A4 Thick Marbled Green 500mic
1 Sheet A4 Thick Marbled Thick Orange 500mic
1 Sheet A4 Thick Marbled Thick Red 500mic
1 Sheet A4 Thick Marbled Thick Yellow 500mic
1 Sheet A4 Very Thick Marbled Black 750mic

Limited to one pack per customer.
Tags:- Marble, mottled, pressboard, colours, coloured, heavy, board

Cat:- art/marble/card/simple

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Weight 1 kg
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