Constellation Jade E36 Riccio – 215gsm Card


Constellation Jade E36 Riccio Textured Card 215gsm

Silver Shimmer Riccio is a single sided silver perl finished and textured card with a light swirly embossed pattern that is similar to the Silver Spring, but larger in scale. One sided. Silver & embossing one side, the reverse side is plain smooth bright white card. Perfect for classy wedding invites and special occasion cards.

Weight:- 215gsm

Code:- SI215A4E36

Constellation Jade

Woodfree papers and boards,made with E.C.F. pulp.
One side coated with special pearly-effect pigments and then off-machine embossed.
High strength. Substances 215gsm and 300gsm are wet laminated.
Available in “Satin” and with thirteen different embossing patterns.
The product is completely biodegradable and recyclable.

Constellation Jade is ideal for wedding cards and announcements, menus, packaging, coordinated graphic materials, covers, inserts and de-luxe brochures.

The 90gsm version is particularly suitable for lining and labels (not wet strength).

Printer Compatibility:- Can be used with all the main printing techniques:
letterpress, offset, blind embossing, hot foil stamping, thermography and screen printing.
The surface has a low micro porosity, so ink drying cannot happen by absorption. (i.e. not suitable for home Inkjet printing)

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