A3 80gsm DCP Paper

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A3 Clairefontaine DCP 80gsm Colour Copier

Description:- DCP from Clairefontaine is widely regarded as the best smooth white copier paper on the market. DCP Digital is an exceptionally white uncoated printer paper manufactured in Europe to run flawlessly on all black & white and colour laser and inkjet printers.

Printer Suitability:- All types of laser, led, copier and most inkjet printers.

Applications:- This 80gsm A3 White Copier Paper is for high volume corporate stationery, both colour and black & white.

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Tags:- A3 White 80gsm Copier Paper | 420×297 | Ream or Pack of 500 Sheets | Box of 2,000 Sheets (4 Packs of 500 Sheets) | Office Paper | Laser Guaranteed | Environmentally Friendly

Item Code:- 8622
Cat:- office/white/dcp/paper/a3/80/variable

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