Extra-Wide Fadeless Rolls - 24 Packs

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Fadeless Display Roll Assortment

Superb boxed combination packs of 24 of our widest Fadeless Display Rolls. Three each of eight different coloured display paper rolls all supplied in a corrugated box for easy display or storage.

These rolls are ideal for creating long-lasting murals, notice board backgrounds, stage backdrops, exhibition boards etc. The special Fadeless formula inks used in the manufacture are designed to resist fading over time and exposure to light making these display rolls ideal for longer term use.

Size: 1218mm x 3.6m each roll.
Standard Colours: Canary, Flame, Black, Orange, Pink, Apple Green, Azure, Violet.
Cool Colours: Nile Green, Apple Green, Emerald, Azure, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Lime and White.
Warm Colours: Flame, Canary, Orange, Black, Violet, Sunset Gold, Deep Purple and Sunshine Yellow

Fadeless Roll & Bordette Display

Fadeless Roll & Bordette Display

Fadeless Paper Rolls

Code: Standard Colours CI-5752-0 | Warm Colours CI-57501-CI-101 | Cool Colours CI-57500-CI-101

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