Savile Row Pinstripe Tweed - Dark Grey Card

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Grey Pinstripe Tweed Card 200gsm

A grey uncoated card made with 60% ecf pulp, 20% cotton fibres and 20% natural textile fibres which gives the finish a really nice fibrous textured feel and look. The lines on the surface are obtained with a special patented technology during the paper making process, the pinstripe pattern running parallel to grain direction.

Weight:- 200gsm

Printer Suitability:- Laser compatible.
We found our laser printer to give poor colour contrast as you’d expect from dark grey, text printing is legible.
Check your printer documentation for media handling capability.

Sizes:- B1 700X1000mm, and A4.
Want your product cut in odd sizes ? Take a look here

Environment:- ECF, Acid Free, Heavy Metal Absence.


Code:- 11629 4231

*Please note that this product has a lined pattern which could be horizontal or vertical depending on the batch and sheet size.

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