Constellation Snow E21 Silk 240gsm

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A4 Constellation Snow E21 Silk Textured Card 240gsm

White Silk is a bright white finished card with a lovely silk textured pattern on one side.
Perfect for classy wedding invites and special occasion cards.

Also available as a silver card in the Constellation Jade (CJ) series.

Weight:- 240gsm

Code:- 11604

Constellation Snow

Uncoated white papers and boards, made with E.C.F. pulp.
Available in twenty different patterns:
Fourteen are one side off-machine embossed, three are two sided embossed and three are two sided counter embossed.
Card over 200gsm is wet laminated in manufacture.

The product is completely biodegradable and recyclable.

Can be used without problems with the main printing systems:
letterpress, offset, blind embossing, hot foil stamping, thermography and screen printing. The macro-porous surface suggests the use of oxidative drying inks.
The different embossings require specific printing pressure settings.

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