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Our Environmental Policy


We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and actively encourage everybody to seek opportunities to continuously improve our performance in this area. As a responsible company we make every effort to protect our planet.

  • We comply with all legislation
  • We evaluate our operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible – as a minimum annually
  • We consider sustainability, energy efficiency, emissions and recycling in all purchasing and disposal decisions
  • We adopt good energy saving practices
  • We operate an Environmental Management System
  • We expect the organisations we work with to do the same


We take positive action every day.

  • We only use paper from managed, sustainable forests where planting of new trees exceeds the trees harvested
  • We do not supply paper that has been manufactured using elemental chlorine in the bleaching stages of production
  • We do not supply any paper products that use wood from rain forests – apart from the environmental considerations, tropical hardwoods are not suitable for paper making
  • We endeavour to only use mills that have the NAPM recycled approved certification
  • We recycle our wooden pallets offering a replacement service to all of our customers – when we deliver a full pallet we collect an empty one
  • We route our deliveries efficiently to minimise the impact of our vehicles on the environment
  • We offer our customers recycled paper and report carbon neutral paper options


In addition, wherever possible we:

  • Buy sustainable, fair trade, energy efficient products
  • Use local suppliers
  • Recycle our own waste
  • Use recycled products
  • Incorporate recycled materials into our services
  • Avoid unnecessary packaging and choose the no packaging/bags option where available
  • Use energy saving devices e.g. light bulbs
  • Are economical in our use of lighting, heating and power
  • Turn off all unnecessary lights and electrical appliances
  • Do not leave equipment on stand by
  • Avoid printing documents and where this cannot be avoided print double sided on recycled paper or report carbon neutral paper
  • Send documents electronically wherever possible
  • Minimise unnecessary travel e.g. through telephone conferencing
  • Encourage sharing of transport
  • Use public transport whenever practical


This policy is reviewed annually and assessed against latest environmental thinking to seek further improvements. We welcome your ideas to improve our performance in this important area at any time.