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Will I receive a paper full VAT invoice with my goods?

We usually complete VAT invoices shortly after shipment. When complete, these invoices are available to download from your account section. If you haven’t created an account, we can send you a PDF VAT invoice on request. In this case, please use the email address used with your order, and state your order number.

Where do you ship to?


In the UK our shipping is worked out by postcode. If we have the first part of your postcode listed in our database, then we can deliver to your address. You can check this by adding your postcode by clicking “Calculate Shipping” on the checkout page If you don’t get a shipping price, then your UK address may not be listed, in this case please contact us.


We ship to many EU destinations by DPD, but some countries have import surchrges, customs charges and other limitations meaning we are unable to ship there. Regulations may change with Brexit. If you get the error message “No delivery method available” then we may be currently unable to ship to your destination. Please get in touch and we can look into it.

Why does my coloured paper or card not look exactly the same as on-screen?

There are several reasons why colours can appear as a different shade than expected. The two most significant factors are the monitor and lighting.

Monitor Calibration.

To give the most accurate colour representation, a monitor needs to be calibrated in a strict lighting environment, and using expensive calibration equipment. This is beyond the scope of most users. It is possible however to run some calibration techniques using Windows built-in calibration software, or using one of the online tutorials that are available, and these should help. Even so, on most modern flat screen monitors, the colour shade changes dramatically depending upon the viewing angle of the user. Just move your head up and down as you read this and you will notice a significant change in the screen.

Room Lighting

Our images are taken using “Daylight Bulb” lighting. This light colour attempts to replicate an average daylight condition. Some of our older images were taken using flash lighting. Products viewed under fluorescent or standard room lighting will appear as a different shade.


As you are reading this, you will notice the background is white. If you have a sheet of white printer paper handy, grab it and look at it. It also seems white. Now put the paper next to the screen, and, the chances are one of the two will now seem a different colour, usually blueish or cream or just grey. Our perception of colours is not a fixed or exact thing, but varies with different conditions and environments.

Can I print onto pearlescent paper and card?

Office Laser Printers

Most laser printers will print on our pearlescent papers without problems. Solid blocks of colour can sometimes look mottled due to the surface texture of pearlescent papers, this is normal. Black text usually appears crisp and clear.
Printing on card is a different matter. Most lasers will print on the thinner grades of card without issue, but the capability of different printers to print on the medium and heavier grades varies massively from printer to printer, and from toner to toner. You should check your printer specification to see the limitations of your printer. We found that our Canon colour laser printer continued to print black text even when it struggled with some colours on the very heavy grades of card. Our HP Laser printer failed to feed the thicker grades of card reliably.

Office/Home Inkjet Printers

The coating on pearlescent paper and card prevents (aqueous) inkjet inks from soaking into the paper, resulting in smudging and in some cases, pooling of ink droplets. However if you are prepared to print sheets individually and leave them to dry, it is possible to print on pearlescent paper with some inkjet printers.
You should check your printer documentation for before trying to print onto card with these type of printers.

Can I collect my goods?

Under some circumstances it may be necessary to arrange collection from WL Coller by a courier of your choice. Please make sure that the person collecting has some identification documentation, drivers licence, passport or other photo id, collection may be refused otherwise.