A4 80gsm Trophee Apricot Paper


trophee A4 Apricot Coloured Paper

Trophee offers a rich and vibrant range of colours in our stock of three different weights. As trophee is a high quality coloured paper, it offers a hastle free smooth printing process. Thanks to the clear and resealable packaging of the Clairefontaine trophee it is possible to see the colour and amount of paper left in the ream.

Printer Suitability:- Guaranteed for laser, inkjet and copier printers.

Colour Category:- Uncoated Tints

Tags:- A4 80gsm | 210×297 | Ream Wrapped | Pack | Box | Environmentally Friendly | Made in Europe | Clairefontaine

Item Code:- 8468

Cat1:- office/tint/a4

Cat2:- Trophee/paper/variable

Trophee Range::- Trophee paper and card range

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