A3 80gsm Adagio Ivory Paper


Rey Adagio A3 Ivory Coloured Paper

A pale off white, cream or ivory coloured printer paper from the Rey Adagio range. Text printed on coloured paper may help some with reading conditions such as Dyslexia or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome / Mears-Irlen Syndrome. We stock for the full range of Rey Adagio coloured printer papers which are suitable for general purpose office printing, eye-catching notices & small posters, education purposes.

Printer Suitability:- Guaranteed for laser, inkjet and copier printers.

Colour Category:- Pastel

Tags:- A3 Ivory White Printer 80gsm Paper | Pastel | 420×297 | Ream Wrapped | 80 gsm Environmentally Friendly | Made in Europe | Rey | International Paper

Item Code:-P5988

Cat:- office/tint/adagio/a3/paper/1/80/variable/

EAN: 3368220089494

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