Metallic Card - 300gsm Gold Embossed

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Embossed Canvas Single Sided Gold Card

This card has a shiny embossed canvas textured metallic gold finish on one side with the reverse side being regular white card. A bright gold colour and nice canvas style embossing make this a great textured card for picture mounting, as a craft card or for wedding stationery etc. Quite stunning. This is a brighter shade of gold than our 240gsm Embossed Gold Card.

Weight:- 300gsm.

Thickness:- Approx 390 microns

Printer Compatibility:- In our tests, this printed nicely on our Colour Laser printer, however the printer struggled with the thickness of this card, the rollers making some marks on the embossing, as can be seen on out print test picture. Not suitable for most inkjet printers. Please check your printer’s manual for card handling capabilities.

Sizes:- A5 to SRA1 & 12×12

Code:- 10493 ME300B0GOUNB

Cat:- art/metallic/card/variable