PERGRAPHICA Precious Purple 120gsm


PERGRAPHICA® Precious Purple

Premium quality purple printer paper, a sheet for high class visual & tactile presentation of product.

Product benefits

  • Particularly well suited to luxury presentation for cosmetics and perfumes, wines, champagnes and spirits.
  • Optimised for multiple printing, post-print processing techniques and converting.
  • PERGRAPHICA® combines the advantages of Offset and Digital printing.
  • To allow for truly unique paper projects, these papers have proven their performance in hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing, laser cutting and engraving and relief coating, to name but a few.
  • Excellent folding properties with reduced breaks.

Typical applications

  • wedding invitation stationery
  • premium creative prints
  • premium luxury packaging
  • notebooks
  • liners


Weight:- 120gsm.

Finish:- Double Sided.

Sizes:- B1 700x1000mm, B2 700x500mm, SRA2 640x450mm.

Colour:- Purple.

Codes:-P3899 P4121 P4165

Pergraphica Range:Pergraphica paper and card range

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