Speckled Blue Craft Card

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Textured Speckled Blue Craft Card – 280gsm

This is an unusual textured blue coloured card with a wobbly parchment-like feel. The pattern is like a heavy snow storm! The card is made from blue coloured pulp and is stiff enough to stand up on its own when folded in half A5 sized ( A4 folded in half ) making it ideal for hand crafted greeting and Christmas card making.

Our inkjet printer was able to print good readable text, but we found high-definition photos didn’t come out at all well due to the surface variation of this card. Patterns and blocks of colours produced interesting arty results! *There are many different types of inkjet printers and ink, our tests were done using Canon pigment inks, results on your inkjet printer may be different.
We found this card to be unsuitable for laser printing.

Uses:- Certificate card, calligraphy card, Christmas Card making etc.
Printer Suitability:- Inkjet compatible* – Text only.
Check your printer documentation for media handling capability.
Sizes:-SRA1, A2-A4.

Tags:- Coloured | Certificate | Parchment | Greeting Card
Cat:- art/parchment/card/variable