SRA3 590gsm Vanguard Lime Green Card


Vanguard 590gsm Lime Green Card

WOAH !! This is a thick one!

One of the thickest cards we stock, is this vibrant green coloured card suitable for both traditional and digital commercial print processes, general craft use, mounting board etc. This card is not going to go through a desktop printer, it is waaay too thick.
Manufactured in the UK

Weight:- 590gsm

Thickness:- 750mic

Pack:- 100 Sheets

Sizes:- Royal 520X640mm, SRA2 450X640mm, SRA3 320X450mm, A4

Printer Suitability:- Lithography, Dry toner, Silkscreen, Flexography, Relief Processes, Letterpress, Inkjet, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Foil Blocking * **, Drilling & Punching

Colour Category:- Green

WLC Code:- P5304

Vanguard Data Sheet 2021

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