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Adagio Paper

A fantastic range of A4 and A3 coloured paper and card. The trusted Rey Adagio brand has been around in the UK for many years and is manufactured at a European paper mill. This range is suitable for black and white as well as colour copying. The main Adagio coloured range incorporates 80gsm paper and 160gsm card. It prints well and is highly regarded.

  • Adagio A4 Pumpkin Orange Coloured Paper and Card

    A3 160gsm Adagio Pumpkin Card

  • Adagio A3 Leaf Green Printer paper

    A3 160gsm Adagio Leaf Green Card

  • A3 160gsm Adagio Cinnamon Card

  • Adagio A3 Lavender Printer Paper & Card

    A3 160gsm Adagio Lavender Card

  • Adagio A3 Pastel Green Printer Paper & Card

    A3 160gsm Adagio Green Card

  • Adagio A3 Beige Box Ream

    A3 160gsm Adagio Beige Card