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Eurocalco NCR

Main applications of Eurocalco carbonless are those where a high quality duplicates are needed: delivery notes, invoices, contracts and other documents requiring multiple copies of the original.
100% of Eurocalco production is manufactured with ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) pulp.

Colors available: White, yellow, blue, pink, green
Print methods: Offset. ( For Laser & Inkjet & HP Indigo see Eurocalco Digital)

Eurocalco CF: Coated paper on the front side containing a layer of activaded clay. Used as the bottom copy sheet of a set.

Eurocalco CB: Coated paper on the back side containing microcapsules that produce color. It is used as an upper sheet or the form’s original.

Eurocalco CFB: Coated paper on both sides with microcapsules on the back and activated clay on the front. It is used as a middle sheet when more than two copies are needed.

Eurocalco Carbonless Technical specifications

Eurocalco CB

Eurocalco CB PDF Eurocalco CB PDF

Eurocalco CFB

Eurocalco CFB PDF Eurocalco CFB PDF

Eurocalco CF

Eurocalco CF PDF Eurocalco CF PDF
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