A4 80gsm Adagio Fuchsia Paper

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Rey Adagio A4 Intense Pink Coloured Paper

A deep pink coloured paper for general office printing, notices and art applications.

Printer Suitability:- Guaranteed for laser, inkjet and copier printers.

There are three other different pink shades in the Adagio range of coloured paper.
Raspberry Pink Paper
Pastel Pink Paper
Candy Pink Paper
Pastel and Candy pink are also available as card. Pink Card

Colour Category:- Intense

Tags:- A4 80gsm Intense Pink Paper | 80 gsm | Fuchsia | 210×297 | Ream Wrapped | Pack | Box | Environmentally Friendly | Made in Europe | Rey | International Paper

Item Code:- 2657

Cat1:- office/tint/a4
Cat2:- adagio/paper/variable

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