Pearlescent Card - 250gsm Curious Metallic White Gold


Pearlescent Card Curious Metallic White Gold

Premium quality creamy pearlescent card, beautifully finished on both sides with a fantastic golden pearl lustre. Ideal for wedding stationery, cards, place markers etc.

Printer suitability:- Suitable for laser printing, but results will vary depending on the printer used and the thickness of the card. This 2500gsm grade of card is quite thick for home and office laser printers, so please check your printer’s media handling capabilities. Not suitable for inkjet.

Weight:- 250gsm.

Sizes:-A4, A3, SRA2, SRA1.

Finish:- Double Sided.

Brand:- Curious Metallics

Pulp Colour:- Cream.

Applications:- Card making, luxury printed invites, wedding stationery, eid, christmas cards etc.

Item Codes:- 3415 4025 4026 4027 4030

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