Pearlescent Paper - 120gsm Citric Buzz


Iridescent Citric Buzz Pearl Paper

Fabulous yellow or gold pearlescent paper with a reflective lustre. Perfect for laser printing producing high quality stationery for wedding invites and other applications.

Printer suitability:- All our pearlescent paper is suitable for laser printing. Results vary depending on the printer used and the thickness of the paper. Not suitable for most inkjet printers.

Weight:- 120gsm.

Sizes:-A4 A3 SRA2 SRA1

Finish:- Double Sided.

Pulp Colour:- Yellow

Brand:- Conqueror.

Item Codes:- 12823 4016 4062 4063 4064

Applications:- Luxury printed invites, wedding stationery, christenings, Eid, etc.

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