SRA2 Eurocalco Carbonless Yellow Paper CF


SRA2 NCR Eurocalco Carbonless Paper CF

Eurocalco NCR is one of the best carbonless papers on the market.

CB: CB Coated paper on the back side containing a layer of activaded clay. This CB sheet is used as the bottom,last sheet.

Size:- SRA2 450x640mm.

Unit of Sale:- Pack of 500 Sheets

Manufacturer:- Lecta.

Colour:- Yellow.

Colours Available:- White, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue

CB: CB – Used as the first/top sheet.

CB: CFB – Used as the middle sheet for when making more than two copies

CF: CF – Used as the final/bottom sheet.

Eurocalco Range:- Eurocalco Range & Technical Specification Here

WLC Code:- P2141

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