Thick White Paper - 140gsm PG


Thick White Paper

Thick paper or thin card – Take your pick !
A great all round heavy-weight white paper. Smooth, high-white uncoated matt paper or cartridge paper, thin enough for most printers to handle with ease.

We call 150gsm and above card, so at 140gsm this does not quite make the cut.

Brand:- PG.

Weight:- 140gsm.

Thickness:- 174 microns.

Sizes:- A4, A3, SRA2, SRA1

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Applications:- Art and craft projects, Modelling, Mounting Board.

Code:- 2163 3271 8760 9008

Environment:- TCF Pulp (Totally Chlorine Free)

Tags:- thick paper, heavy paper, thin card, Manchester, North West, warehouse

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