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Craft Supplies

A selection of specialist craft and art products for primary schools, nursery schools and general educational use.

  • L-FD4020 Sponge Dabbers - Numbers

    Paint Sponge Dabbers

  • Out of stock
    CS9078 Paint Sponges

    Paint Sponges

    Out of stock

    Email me when in stock
  • 5184 5183 Paint Brushes

    Paintbrushes – Chunky Handle Sets

  • 5172 24 Piece Paint Brush Set

    Paintbrushes – Classroom Set

    In stock

    £8.96 inc.
  • Paper Chain Decoratons

    Paper-Chain Party Packs

  • CS 9085 Patterned Paint Roller

    Patterned Paint Rolling Pins

    In stock

    £7.19 inc.
  • Disposable Painting Aprons

    Plastic Aprons

    In stock

    £17.23 inc.
  • Coloured Play Sand

    Play Sand

  • 72550 Pre Cut School Artwork Frames

    Pre-Cut Mounting Frames

    Only 2 left in stock

    £15.34 inc.
  • T-46134 T-46157 Smiles and Stars Stickers

    Reward Stickers

  • Clear Rulers XLOWX01107 XLOKF01106Q

    Ruler Packs

  • Ruled Writing Practice Strips

    Sentence Strips Kaleidoscope

    In stock

    £4.90 inc.
  • 29103-CI-101 Sequins Collage Shapes Pack


    In stock

    £8.75 inc.
  • Fruity Splash Mat table-cloths

    Splash Mats

  • Storage Boxes L-BK8480

    Storage Containers

    Only 2 left in stock

    £22.27 inc.
  • Sugar Paper 12 Colours

    Sugar Paper – 10 Colours

  • Multi Colour Pack of Tissue Paper 5894-5

    Tissue Paper – Multicolour

  • W1842890 Wiggly Eyes Stack

    Wiggly Eyes Stack Pack

    In stock

    £4.86 inc.
  • 51000-BX-000 Wooden Exercise Book Stamps

    Wooden Exercise Book Stamps

    In stock

    £7.08 inc.