590gsm Vanguard Raspberry Card


Vanguard 590gsm Pink Card

WOAH !! This is a thick one!

One of the thickest cards we stock, is this vibrant pink-red coloured card suitable for both traditional and digital commercial print processes, general craft use, mounting board etc. This card is not going to go through a desktop printer, it is waaay too thick.
Manufactured in the UK

Weight:- 590gsm

Thickness:- 750mic

Pack:- 25,50,100 Sheets

Sizes:- Royal 520X640mm, SRA2 450X640mm, SRA3 320X450mm, A4

Printer Suitability:- Lithography, Dry toner, Silkscreen, Flexography, Relief Processes, Letterpress, Inkjet, Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Foil Blocking * **, Drilling & Punching

Colour Category:- Pink

WLC Code:- 2718

Vanguard Data Sheet 2021

Vanguard Range Here

* Black not suitable for metallic foiling. ** Testing recommended.